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10 common wedding guest complaints

When you’re planning the most important day of your life, you have to make sure that there will be no unexpected moments which can spoil your guest’s mood. You certainly wouldn’t like your wedding to be remembered in a bad way. There are many things you have to consider when you organize your wedding.

Here are the 10 things guests find most annoying:

Inconvenient date and time.


When organizing your wedding, try to avoid holidays, especially Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Most people plan their holidays in advance. They might not come to your wedding because they might have a plan they don’t want to miss.

No Air Conditioning or Excessive cooling.


This is an awkward situation. You have to make sure that your guests are not overheating, or freezing!

The venue is too far and hard to reach.


It might create transportation problems for your guests which could lead to delays and take away some of the relaxed mood of your special day.



Overly loud music can be very annoying and can make it hard for guests to chat and have a good time – although, there definitely needs to be music still!

Sitting at the wrong table.

If there is confusion about where people are seated, your guests could be mixed-up! Thankfully, there are awesome places (like Pocadot Invites!) that can produce vibrant and easily understood seating charts and table place cards to make it a quick flow from guests arriving and them finding their seat.

Bad food.

Make sure you have a tasting from your venue or the restuarant/caterers that are going to provide your food. The last thing you want is food not cooked enough, not tasty, or it can served in too small a portion. If the guests are hungry, they will be frustrated as well.

Long wedding formalities.

It’s interesting attending the toasts and exchanging the vows, but make sure not to prolong that for too long, because your guests want to have fun, socialize and dance. Plus, you need to give time for the bride and groom (or yourself if you’re getting married) to enjoy their big day.

Neglecting a thank-you note.


A thank-you note is a great way to tell your guest you were glad that they came.

Crammed guests.

If your guests cannot move easily or get up from their seat without hitting another guest, you probably put too many people on one table (or at the venue!).

Cash for a drink.

Your guests put in effort, time and money to come and they would be dissatisfied to know that they have to pay extra money at the bar.

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