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10 things brides forget after the wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremonies can be really busy and exhausting!

It’s common for brides to forget to take care of important tasks that come after the wedding ceremony.


Put on a more flowing dress

Many brides experience difficulty dancing or even walking with a wedding dress on. A wedding dress can be adorned with pearls, glitter, frills, and lace which can be a big burden and a little rigid if you try to dance in them. Changing into something more flowing, will making moving and dancing a lot easier and comfortable for you.



2 Switch to a comfy pair of flats

Dancing and greeting your guests can be quite a challenging task in high heels! Don’t forget to bring another, comfortable pair of shoes or ballerina flats for your wedding. It can prevent you from having painful and swollen legs during and after the celebration.



3 Get a retouch on your make up

Your makeup may need a few quick touch-ups if you shed some tears or from all of the kisses from family and friends after the ceremony. Ask your bestmaids to bring a small kit equiped with the basics, eg lip gloss, eyeliner, oil blotters etc. They’re there to help you after all.



4 Make sure to eat something

Food will give you energy to get through the day. You wouldn’t want to risk fainting or have a case of the hang-ries (hungry + angry) during photos or while dancing the night away. It is so easy to forget to eat during all that excitement!



5 Put on your engagement ring

This one is an obvious tip to most brides. However some of us move our engagement rings to a different finger, so the wedding ring sits under it. Just remember to put it back on your ring finger straight after the ceremony for the official wedding photos.



6 Collect ceremony items

Don’t leave behind anything that’s valuable to you, including family photos, the unity candle, the ring box. If you have a stylist, they will usually do this for you, or have a trusted family member organise it.



7 Thank your family and bridesmaids

Their support during the wedding planning was very helpful and you should find an inspirational way to thank them. You don’t necessarily need to give them gifts, but make it from the heart, as they will make your wedding day even more meaningful.



8 Spend a few moments away with your new husband

After all this special day is about both of you, so grab a moment or two to enjoy it away from the all the festivities.



9 Use the ladies

Take a few bridesmaids with you to help you with the dress. You might find it hard to slip away later during the photo session, greeting the guests and preparing for the first dance. 


10 Take off your veil

Many brides take their veil off right after the ceremony. You don’t want to risk it being pulled or torn during the reception and dancing!



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