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Choosing the PERFECT Wedding Dress

Let’s get one thing straight! We all want to look absolutely beautiful on our wedding day. And when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding dress, there are so many factors that could sway us in different ways and we might just end up looking like a cherry on a big white cake instead of a bride on her wedding day (kind of rhymes as well).

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Here are 4 tips to choosing the PERFECT dress:

{1} Choose your best asset! (Flaunt what your mumma gave you)
Are you petite? plus size? busty? hourglass? or lean and straight? Not all of us will fall into one of this categories squarely.
Take Kim K for example, she is petite, busty and with an hour glass figure to die for. And that dress she wore at her latest wedding to Kanye, highlighted all her best features that complemented her shape.

{2} Take your time…
Most bridal stores have appointments that go for an hour long. This might sound like a long time for you, but time goes fast when you’re having fun or undecided. So research online and know your style and shape before heading out for an appointment, this will then give you a more relaxed and pleasant time for shopping.

{3} Don’t start too early or too late
Most of us get excited at the idea of shopping in general. So it’s easy to fall into the trap of shopping for your dress too early (we’re talking more than 1 year before the wedding). If you get your dress too early, there is a risk of changing trends and body shapes which will then end up in alterations or worst still a dress that needs to be sold or refunded. Shopping too late on the other hand means rush, rush, rush! You might end up getting a dress only because it was the only one there that looked good, it was a bargain! or worst it was the only one there that fitted you. The best timeframe to start your dress shopping is 8-10 months before the wedding date, for alterations and fittings to make sure all fits perfectly well on the wedding day.

{4} Hair and Makeup
This is one of the most overlooked things when it comes to shopping for your wedding dress. It will be much easier to picture yourself wearing one of these gowns if you have a similar hairstyle and look for your wedding day instead of looking like you just rolled out of bed and into the store.

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