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A guide to modern engagement rings

You can be sure that you’re gonna love any engagement ring your boyfriend buys for you. You will be emotionally overwhelmed when you say “Yes, I do!” so any engagement ring will melt your heart. Still, we’ve made a short selection of modern engagement rings to grab your attention. If you like this post,  maybe you should give your darling a hint about it by sharing it and tagging them on Facebook (or just be super direct and email it to him!)

Unique, vibrant, large and nontraditional shaped engagement rings certainly have risen in popularity these days. We have left behind the era of modest and small engagement rings. It’s now important to be noticed, so ladies want a variety of unique, large-stoned and vintage-inspired engagement rings to choose from. These selections are a perfect choice if you want to step out of the traditional jewelry.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

One of the latest trends is rose gold rings, with a big rock. It adorns the bride’s hand perfectly with a gentle rosy shade.


Colorful diamonds are also extremely popular. This kind of engagement ring is surely going to attract a lot of attention. It is a perfect solution if you want a non-traditional ring. If you want to attract the most attention, pick yellow, pink, or maybe even a black diamond.


Colorful gems are also attractive. Diamonds are not your only choice. You could be noticed as well with a colorful ring with sapphires, emeralds or rubies. You will be loaded with vintage vibes that way too.


Square bands gained its rising popularity due to the fact they look totally sleek, and they are even more comfortable than the traditional, rounded bands.


If you like the vintage style, you will be glad to hear that vintage rings are also back on the scene! Rings with art-deco and Victorian details are also extremely popular. They are timeless and utterly elegant.


A scrollwork ring will give you a unique and organic look. A scrollwork ring is a playful and sensational piece of jewelry.


Whatever your engagement ring is, remember it’s the one that your love placed on your finger as a sign of their love and commitment. That’s the most important thing!

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