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Bollywood inspired wedding ideas

There is an increasing fascination with the Indian “Bollywood” style extravagantly filmed movies. Since romance is often the focus of these films they make for the perfect inspiration for a wedding.

Traditional Indian weddings vary quite a lot due to the number of different cultures and religions throughout India and Indian communities around the world. While for someone of Indian origin, traditional elements are often a must to make a wedding complete, increasingly, non-Indians are also adopting many Indian wedding styles and rituals. Because Indian-style weddings look amazing!

Bollywood Wedding Attire

While a traditional western wedding would have a white dress for the bride, a Bollywood or Indian style wedding is all about colour. This applies not only to the dresses but also to the flowers. Think big, bold, and beautiful! There are also other traditional Indian elements that include henna ‘tattoos’ and traditional Indian wedding jewelry. Of course, you are also welcome (as many Indian couples do) to incorporate both traditional and western wedding styles, like the photo below.

This wedding keeps the bold Indian wedding colours while opting for suits for the guys and saris for the girls.

Bollywood Wedding Venues

When looking for the right wedding venue for your Indian-inspired wedding you need to keep in mind you can transform most wedding venues with the right floral arrangements and decorations. That being said, here are a couple of amazing venues that will look great with an Indian-inspired theme or traditional Indian wedding.

Doltone House (Sydney)

Doltone House offers a specific Indian wedding package! How about those fireworks!

Doltone House is now actually a selection of a few venues around Sydney. They specialise in big weddings and offer a specific Indian wedding package. You can visit their website here.

Miramare Gardens (Sydney)

A beautiful garden setting for your bright and beautiful Indian wedding.

A beautiful green backdrop for any Indian wedding or Indian-inspired wedding event, Miramare Gardens is, as the name implies, very lush. You can visit their website here.

Indian Style Wedding Invites

We have an exclusive and stunning Indian style wedding invitation as well as matching stationery. This bold design features a beautiful ‘henna-inspired pattern and extremely stylish fonts. With customisable text, these invites are perfect for your “Bollywood” styled wedding extravaganza!

All of our wedding invitations come in 1,2 or 3 card sets. This is usually a main card, RSVP (reply) card, and a wishing well or directions card. For you DIYers out there we also sell our wedding invitations as digital files so you can print it and cut it.

Bollywood Wedding Signage

You need a bold entrance for a bollywood style Indian wedding, and this sign certainly does that! You can match all of your wedding stationery to your event and make it really exciting for your guests.

These beautiful folded placecards are stylish and useful. They come printed, cut, folded and scored (or in a digital file).

Henna-inspired Indian wedding place cards can be viewed here.

No matter if you are planning to have a traditional Indian wedding or a Bollywood style Indian inspired event, our wedding stationery will match it perfectly. Take some of the pressure off planning and paying for your wedding by exploring our easy to order designs.

I hope you have enjoyed our wedding style guide, and if you have any questions please contact us via the menu on this website. Thanks!