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{TOP Tips} When Choosing your suppliers

A happily engaged couple + A great team of suppliers = A beautiful carefree wedding that flows smoothly and many moments to be cherished for a very long time. Here are TOP Tips on Choosing the Best Suppliers for your wedding (from a fairly “newly wed” with 1 year as a wedding professional and 2 […]

Making a Christening Special

A child’s baptism, or christening is one that should be filled with moving memories. Planning for the special day is relative easy, though it does take some effort. Your first task will be to call the church to see if they have special days set aside for christenings.  Once you’ve received that information, you can […]

A History of Bonbonieres

  For more than a millennium, almonds were commonly given as wedding gifts (Bonbonieres) to the couple, signifying the good wishes on their new life together. In the thirteenth century the practice of coating almonds in sugar became popular, the new confections were called “confetti”. Over time, confetti has transformed to Jordan almonds, now a […]