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The best wedding venues in Newcastle

Newcastle has really come a long way from its roots as a ‘steel city’ and now the harbour and the city have been completely transformed. We are looking at the best wedding venues in Newcastle in today’s post and have chosen what we hope is a bit of a variety as well. Keep in mind […]

2022 wedding colour trends

We take a look at some of the trending colours for weddings in 2022. This year we have chosen five trends that couples are increasingly looking for. We have classic earthy tones ranging from browns to greens, black and white weddings, purple, golds and yellows, and last but not least, dusty pinks. We have put […]

The info you need on your wedding invites

When you are creating your wedding invites it can be easy to forget important information. Likewise, it can sometimes be easy for couples to want to add too much information to their wedding invites. So what is the happy medium and where can you put additional info that won’t fit on your invites? Here at […]

DIY wedding invites with digital designs

Most of our wedding invitation orders are for invites and stationery that we design, print, and cut for our clients. However, we understand that some people love to get hands-on with their wedding planning and we are all for that! That’s why all of our stationery items are also available as digital files. This is […]

Bollywood inspired wedding ideas

There is an increasing fascination with the Indian “Bollywood” style extravagantly filmed movies. Since romance is often the focus of these films they make for the perfect inspiration for a wedding. Traditional Indian weddings vary quite a lot due to the number of different cultures and religions throughout India and Indian communities around the world. […]

Planning your Eucalyptus wedding in Australia

No, we don’t mean you are getting married to the iconic Australian tree. We are of course referring to using eucalyptus throughout your wedding – from your wedding invites through to your floral decorations. Eucalyptus green (similar to a ‘sage green’) can be used lightly (a few sprigs of leaves here and there) or as […]

Help! I forgot to order my wedding invites!

We wanted to start doing some more helpful posts for our couples here at Pocadot Invitations and one that we get regularly enough is people who may have left it a little late ordering wedding invitations. So let’s start with some basics when it comes to wedding stationery. When should I send out my wedding […]

Cut off for Christmas postage December 8

Hi everyone, just a quick update in regards to Christmas postage. Australia Post has advised that December 8 is the cutoff date for packages getting to Western Australia and the Northern Territory by Christmas. We have until December 13th for the rest of Australia BUT I am keeping the cutoff date to December 8 to […]

Thank you for all your support during the pandemic

It’s been a crazy few years for Pocadot Invitations, as we know it has been a crazy few years for all of our customers. With Covid-19 affecting everyone’s events there was, of course, less and less need for event announcements and many weddings were, sadly delayed. However, after every winter comes the spring, so here […]

(Real Wedding) Chiara & Lachlan 17th April 2021

‘Good things come to those who wait.’ Chiara and Lachlan’s wedding was a day and night to remember. They had originally planned to have this BIG Day in 2020. However, with COVID-19 and the restrictions of events and lockdown in Victoria in 2020, Chiara and Lachlan made the best decision to postpone their wedding to […]

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