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Choosing the Right Season for your Wedding

When you are planning your wedding the first element you want to decide is when to have it. This will really depend on the bride as well as the cost of having a wedding in a busy or quiet season. The colours, styles and venues will depend completely on which season you choose. Unsurprisingly, Spring is the most popular of the wedding seasons as there is lots of new life and the weather is mild rather than too hot or too cold.

Spring Weddings

So why choose a spring wedding? For one, you can feel a bit better about the weather as it will be mild to slightly warm. It also gives you a chance to use earthy tones and even bright colours as it is the season of growth and renewal. Here are some tips for your spring wedding:

  • Consider using a ‘grow’ motif for your wedding invitations and even your reception.

  • To match the season, you should consider having your ceremony outdoors.

  • Keep in mind that venues will usually be more expensive and less available this time of year.

Winter Weddings

In Australia, we are lucky because the winter is not too harsh and in most regions you can get away with a daytime wedding. However, you have to be aware of the potential for winter rain and a few cold winds.

  • It is best to have your ceremony and reception indoors even if you expect mild weather.

  • The winter works really well with white and considering you will most likely have a white wedding dress, this is even better!

  • Look for ‘cosy’ venues with a fireplace as this can really add a beautiful touch of winter to your reception.

  • You can save a lot per head for winter weddings as it is a much quieter time of the year for events.

Summer Weddings

Summer is the perfect time of year for those beach weddings! It can also be perfect for any outdoor ceremony and, in some cases, receptions. Keep in mind that you will have to adjust your wedding party’s clothing to match the weather. The last thing you want on your wedding day is someone passing out!

  • Summer themes for invitations, receptions and ceremonies can be ‘light’ and flowing. Think warm or cool tones!

  • Make sure that if you are planning an outdoor ceremony or reception that there is shade and a place to cool down.

  • Plan for the worst as it can still turn cold or rain on your special day in summer. Many venues offer a ‘backup’ for an outdoor

Autumn Weddings

Autumn wedding are often overlooked by brides and grooms but they can offer some of the best backdrops for ceremonies, photos and reception venues. The ley an awesome Autumn wedding is of course, leaves! Make sure you find venues that have deciduous trees – which just means trees that drop their leaves.

  • Autumn is perfect for earthy tones in your reception, wedding invitations and ceremony.

  • While Autumn is mild in Australia be prepared for some cool or wet weather just in case.

  • Make sure you have some time with the photographer to take advantage of some amazing shots amongst fallen leaves.

Whatever season you have your heart set on, we at Pocadot Invitations wish you all the best and hope to hear from you soon so we can help you out with your wedding invitation design!


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