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Making a Christening Special

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A child’s baptism, or christening is one that should be filled with moving memories. Planning for the special day is relative easy, though it does take some effort.

Your first task will be to call the church to see if they have special days set aside for christenings.  Once you’ve received that information, you can then choose the all-important date and time to call back the church to confirm the date with them.  At this time you’ll be told what preparations you’ll need to make, and what particular procedures you will need to follow.

Next, it is customary that the happy parents choose a Godmother and a Godfather. Being Godparents is quite an honor, but the choice you make needs to be a careful one as they not only will raise your child within the religious teachings of your church, but they will also have all responsibilities for raising your child should something happen to you, the parents. Thus, it is typical to choose from the family or to choose very close friends.

It is common for the Godparents to gift the child with a keepsake.  Such keepsakes run from religious articles to golden spoons with the important date being engraved thereupon.

Occasionally, depending on your particular faith, there are baptism classes that must be held.  Different religions have their own singular requirements, so again speak to someone representing the church about this matter.

Most people send written invitations to the christening, thus you should make plans to visit your local card shop or printer.  Make sure that the invitation you choose matches the particular religion involved, including the specific words used.

Next, if there is to be a gathering of the participants following the formal religious ceremony, you will need to make arrangements with a caterer, choosing the menu, the theme and all related information. You then need to make arrangements with the site where the gathering will be held.

Sometime in between all this, you will choose the child?s clothing.  This is something that all parents love doing as they undoubtedly have a specific view in their minds as to what the child will look like in the pictures that will be taken throughout the ceremony and afterwards at the celebration of this joyous event.  Christening clothing runs from heirloom christening outfits and bonnets, to brand new clothing, shoes, bonnets, and christening blankets for the child.  Shop around if your family has no heirloom clothing and find something that strikes you as perfect for such a wonderful happy day!

Some families begin by celebrating with a brand new bible for the child into which notes are made outlining who the parents and Godparents were, the date and location of the baptism.  Notes are also made for the attendants and where the celebratory gathering was held.  The bible then becomes a keepsake for the child and further notes will be made of religious moments as the child grows up.  These bibles are also excellent for preserving family history for following generations.

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