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Deciding on the Right Number of Wedding Guests

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A smaller, more discreet wedding might be what you want, but many brides dream of a huge wedding with all their family and friends.

When you are budgeting for your wedding the first thing you need to work out is just how many guests you need or want to invite. The problem with deciding on an exact number is that you won’t know for sure an exact amount of guests until you get your rsvps from your wedding invites, and also, because there are so many different people to consider.

  • Family – this includes your extended family.

  • Friends – you want all of those special people in your life there.

  • Wedding party – perhaps the only number you can be sure of.

Counting the Costs

A big reason for sorting out the number of guests at your wedding early is the cost of your reception. Most wedding venues (unless you hiring a hall and catering) will charge per seat so you want your numbers to be precise. Booking for two few will leave people angry or disappointed while booking too many seats will leave you out of pocket. You will need a set list of guests in order to organise the following:

  • Invitations – without a clear number of people to invite it is impossible to know just how many wedding invitations you need to order.

  • Ceremony – just how many people can you fit in the church or other location where you will have your ceremony?

  • Reception – as mentioned above, you will need a rough number to book your reception venue, but most will allow a few weeks prior to your wedding to confirm final numbers.

Essential Guests

To make things easier when deciding on the number of people to invite to your wedding, start with a rough number and first work out your essential guests. This will include:

  • Bride and Groom OF COURSE!

  • Parents of the bride and groom.

  • Direct family members (brothers, sisters, grandparents etc)

  • Wedding officials and workers – such as priest, master of ceremonies and photographer/videographer – though you can sometimes get discounted meal rates for some event workers.

  • Wedding Party – this is your maid of honour, bridesmaids, best man and groomsmen and don’t forget your flower girls and page boys.

Bride and Groom’s Choice

The most important people to consider when deciding on numbers is your own opinion. Do you want a small or large wedding? If you want a large wedding do you have the budget for it? Remember to be considerate of each other as well and the best rule of thumb is to avoid inviting any ex-girlfriends or boyfriends to a wedding – even if you are using the lame excuse that ‘we’re great friends now’. This should be a special day for the both of you without any unwanted guests like that!

Family Considerations

Always make sure you sit down and discuss the guest list with both sides of your family as well. Start by asking your parents to make a list of family members and their own friends they would like to invite. This can help give you a rough number that you can then negotiate up or down. Remember to stand your ground if your family is getting out of control with numbers, this is your special day and in the end you are the one that has the final say on how many people can come to your wedding.

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