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DIY wedding invites with digital designs

Most of our wedding invitation orders are for invites and stationery that we design, print, and cut for our clients. However, we understand that some people love to get hands-on with their wedding planning and we are all for that! That’s why all of our stationery items are also available as digital files.

This is not only for those of you that want to go paperless with their wedding invitations (yes, some people do) but also for those interested in printing and putting their own wedding invites together.

DIY wedding invites versus complete invites

When you are deciding whether to go with a DIY approach versus something all completed for you then the number one concern is probably budget followed closely by how much time you have. DIY invites can save you a little bit of money if you’re prepared to do all of the printing and cutting yourself. You will also have to do all of the design yourself, unless you opt for something like our digital files for our wedding stationery.

This is essentially a wedding invite template that we customise for you and setup on a digital file. Then you would be free to print and cut the invites yourself. Again, this saves you some money but you will have to put in a fair bit of work.

That’s why we do recommend printing and cutting with Pocadot for your order, that way everything arrives ready to be sent to your guests. We can even organise name and address printing for envelopes as well.

Don’t let the extra time you’ll spend printing and cutting your wedding invites put you off though. Remember, if you have the spare time it can be a fun process printing and putting together your invitations for your big day. It can even be something you do together as a couple!

Will my DIY wedding invite be different to yours?

The short answer is yes. Because we deal with heavy, high-quality card stock, print on a professional commercial printer and cut with an electric guillotine our finish is always going to be better than what you can achieve on your own. However, all of our digital designs give you an amazing invite to print out. You can also look for local printers if you don’t have a printer or are worried about your printer quality.

This is just a little bit of information for all of you DIYers out there looking for great designs for your wedding project. If you have more specific questions about anything feel free to get in touch. We are a friendly family-owned business and can work with you no matter where you are in the world!

If you’re ready to start your DIY invites, just select “digital file” on any of our products and add to cart to purchase.

All the best with your wedding planning.