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Help! I forgot to order my wedding invites!

We wanted to start doing some more helpful posts for our couples here at Pocadot Invitations and one that we get regularly enough is people who may have left it a little late ordering wedding invitations. So let’s start with some basics when it comes to wedding stationery.

When should I send out my wedding invites?

Generally speaking, you should send your wedding invites to your guests about 4 months before the event. If you are planning a destination wedding where guests will also travel to the event, 6 months gives people plenty of time to organise everything.

If you are reading this and it’s less than 4 months to your wedding and you haven’t ordered wedding invites – then contact us NOW.

How quickly can you send out my wedding invites?

You also have to add in production time for your invites, which includes time for design setup and approval. If you are in a desperate situation we can often speed up our production and get your order to you within 1-2 weeks (pending artwork approval from you).

Normally, we expect our invites to go out within days of being approved for print. However, the delay is always with the approvals for wording and other changes to a design. BUT the good news is, that if you can tell us exactly what you want on your wedding invite (event details, wording, etc) and can approve the artwork as soon as we send it then we can get everything started asap.

Digital wedding invitation options

If you are very close to your big day and haven’t sent out wedding invitations 4 months prior, then digital wedding invitations might be suitable for you. All of our designs on The Shop are available as digital designs. You can then email, text, or message your wedding invitations to your guests.

If you have forgotten to send out your wedding invites, don’t panic. Pocadot Invitations can get your wedding invites approved and printed as quickly as possible.

We also accept payment via direct bank transfer

Local pickup is available in Lake Macquarie Area (near Newcastle New South Wales).

Shipping Australia wide.