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‘Getting Hitched’ Mingara Wedding Expo

In June 2014, Mingara hosted a wedding expo, ‘Getting Hitched’ that was organised by the Lionness Club of East Gosford.
I would like to share my review about my experience at the Mingara wedding expo as an exhibitor.

It was my first expo and I was really excited to be involved as much as possible with this expo. So instead of writing all about it and sounding more like a newspaper article, I thought I would share it with pictures that I took from the expo. Scroll down to the bottom for tips on how to ‘Keep Calm and Survive an Expo’.







Keep Calm and Survive an Expo! Here are a few of my tips as a newly wed and exhibitor of 3 expos:

{1] Always bring a friend or relative with you. Its a fun day out and they could give you a second opinion when you need it
{2} Don’t forget to make a list of what you need and budget. Expos are similar to shopping centres, if you know what you want it makes it a whole lot easier.
{3} Set a timeframe for the expo. You need as much time as possible to explore your options and score some freebies
{4} Ask lots and lots of questions. You need to know as much as possible about what your favourite vendor offers and how they can contribute to your wedding.
{5} Grab all the freebies and take part in all the competitions. Who knows you might just WIN your whole wedding!
{6} Enjoy yourself!. Don’t feel stressed, grab a champagne, some cake and have a ball.
This is going to be the start of a very exciting journey after all!

Love + Hugs + Kisses,

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