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Planning your Engagement Party

Engagment ring
Do you have the engagement ring? Now for the engagement party. Credit:

The engagement party is your first step on the long road to your wedding and it will not only let you celebrate but also get used to the idea of event planning. While it may be a smaller (and less costly) event than your wedding you will still need to organise a venue, food, engagement invitations and what you are going to wear (the most important thing!).

Your Wedding Test Run

Try to see your engagement party as your wedding test run. First, sit down with your partner to decide on a few things (you may need to tie him to a chair!):

  • How many people can you afford to invite?

  • Do you want your engagement party to match your upcoming wedding?

  • Will it be casual or formal?

  • When do you want to have your party?

Make sure that you’re leaving yourself plenty of time to organise everything. Just because it won’t be as large as your wedding doesn’t mean the planning won’t take a long time.

Here is a simple checklist of what you will need for your engagement party:

  • Your guest list – even if you are having a smaller engagement party, use this opportunity to start your draft wedding guest list.

  • Your engagement invitations – when you are looking for the right engagement invitations, you can also start to get ideas for your wedding invitations.

  • Venue – make sure you choose something reasonable, remember you will have to start planning your wedding after your engagement party!

Don’t Go Overboard

While you will want to celebrate your upcoming wedding remember not to go too over the top, especially if you are on a tight budget. Engagement parties are more for family and friends to gather together and celebrate with you. Of course, you will still want to add some special touches, so be sure to have some nice invitations, some short speeches and a nice venue booked.

Keep it Simple

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean you can’t make it nice. You should still look at presenting the tables for your engagement party with flowers and other decorations. It is also a nice idea to have a few photos of the soon to be bride and groom. Remember, you can have fun as well and it can be as formal or informal as you like.

Choosing a Colour Scheme

As we mentioned earlier, you can use some aspects of your engagement party planning to start preparing for your wedding. An engagement party is an ideal time to start testing out some wedding colour schemes. Start by discussing your favourite colours with your partner. Many couples come to compromise between their favourite colours and if you are lucky, your two favourite colours will match anyway!

Here at Pocadot Invitations we are always happy to help you choose your invitation colours. We can design custom engagement and wedding invitations you, your groom, your family and friends will love!

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