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Planning your Eucalyptus wedding in Australia

No, we don’t mean you are getting married to the iconic Australian tree. We are of course referring to using eucalyptus throughout your wedding – from your wedding invites through to your floral decorations.

Eucalyptus green (similar to a ‘sage green’) can be used lightly (a few sprigs of leaves here and there) or as a major colour and motif in your wedding. Think vibrant green bridesmaid dresses and lots of eucalyptus on everything!

Eucalyptus-hued bridesmaid dresses. Image from Essense

Depending on how far you want to take the eucalyptus element in your wedding, you may also want to consider venues set amongst bushland. This might mean getting out from the city (if that’s where you live) or if you’re lucky enough to live in the country you will be likely to find some stands of eucalyptus pretty much near any venue.

Now comes OUR specialty – invites, and stationery! We have a beautiful range of eucalyptus-themed wedding stationery. The best part is, we also have matching wedding signage, table numbers, and place cards.

This is our eucalyptus seating chart. Each chart is customised with your table numbers and guest names. Our wedding stationery is designed to help keep with your eucalyptus wedding theme.

Eucalyptus has become an instant wedding classic in the modern world, and being an Australian wedding invitation business makes us proud to see this iconic Aussie tree dominate weddings worldwide!

Thanks for reading, and I hope it has been some help for your wedding planning. Remember, just get in touch with us here at Pocadot if you have any questions. Make sure to browse our online store and I know you’ll find something you’ll love!

All the best!

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