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RSVP (it stands for the French phrase, “Répondez, s’il vous plaît,” meaning “Reply please”) Yet why do so many adult humans on the face of this earth still “forget” to RSVP to a wedding?



Here is a list of many brides biggest peeves when it comes to RSVPs:

– Confirming well past the reply date...How rude!
– Some were awfully good friends who just said, “If we make it, we make it” Um no…
– You invite Mr. and Mrs. So-and-So and they write in ‘four’ instead of ‘two’…there’s always the garden for your spare guests
– I think people don’t even know how to go to the mailbox anymore…Should we include a door-to-door postman?
– People who marked ‘one’ and then showed up with a girlfriend…Who is this? Why is he/she here? No please don’t be in my photos.


Here is what you could do to get those replies in sooner and be on top of your RSVPs…

– Don’t send out invites that have a 3-4 months gap from the RSVP date (unless you have many out of towners or having a destination wedding)
– Include your phone number for those that can’t get to their mailbox but are glued to their phones
– Set your RSVP date 1 month in advance of your wedding date…to follow up on guests
– Stick to your game! But be sure of it and have no regrets after. Anyone who responds after the RSVP date unless they are close family or friends or have special circumstances, respond politely with a “Sorry due to the limited space we have in our reception and the RSVPs we have received, we are unable to fit you in” They have to learn at some point…
– If it’s going to stress you out, leave the following up to a member of your family who is great at getting things done efficiently.

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