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Purple, Pink, Blue Wedding Colours

Purple, pink and blue will really make your wedding colours stand out. These colours create an almost ‘regal’ (royal) feeling for your event, and why shouldn’t you feel like a princess or even a queen on your amazing wedding day?

In photo above I have given you a few ideas of what you can acheive with purple, blue and pink dappled throughout your wedding ceremony. The great thing about these colours is that not many people see them as a combination – usually preferring to concentrate on these colours by themselves.

So what are some of the meanings behind these colours?

Purple Wedding Colours

Purple has been used throughout history to symbolise magic, mystery and of course royalty. Why is this? Purple was originally only available to the wealthiest of ancient societies due to the difficulty in producing the dye for clothing and other uses. The colour purple was first created as a dye from a sea snail that produced the pigment when crushed together. Don’t worry though, the purple fabrics and clothes for your wedding is unlikely to come from crushed up sea animals!

Blue Wedding Colours

Blue is a distinctly heavenly colour and this can be traced back to the colour of the sky. In Judaism blue is a symbol for Divinity because it is the colour of the sky and the sea. It is both a calming colour (great for wedding day nerves!) As you can tell from the above descriptions it is also a very spiritual colour with a lot of uses within many of the world’s religions.

Pink Wedding Colours

Pink (as a form of red) symbolises love. Again, perfect for your wedding day, although it is a soft colour unlike red which would symbolise a very passionate love, pink is much more reserved. Like the colour blue, it is a very calming colour.

So let’s combine the main aspects of all of these colours – purple (royal), blue (spiritual) and pink (love). Sounds like the perfect combination! A royal, spiritual and loving wedding represented by your choice of wedding colours!

I hope this has been thought provoking as you plan your wedding. Please contact me if you want me to help you with your wedding or engagement invitations and colour schemes.

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