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Selecting Colours for your Wedding Invitation

While white dominates most weddings there are always accent colours in use especially for invitation, room decorations, brides maids dresses and flowers. it can be tempting to just select a bunch of different colours that you love, or in the other extreme, feature just one colour that is your favourite.

Purple, Pink and Blue wedding colour palette
Purple, Pink and Blue wedding colour palette

The danger in selecting just one, or too many, colours is that your colour scheme will be overwhelmed. In this helpful post I am going to give you some pointers on palettes (usually a range of similar shades or colours that match) so you can plan your wedding invitations, accessories, table decorations, flowers and everything else to match. I will also be doing some future posts with some specific palette examples that I use to help brides select the perfect colours for their wedding invitations.

What is a colour Palette and do I need one for my wedding?

Colour palettes are most commonly used for digital images so that they conform to a set of shades or matching colours. This is really important for graphic designers that need to alter images or create one from scratch within a specific brief. Most brides will know their favourite colour but will not be aware of matching shades and complimentary colours that will work well with their wedding. After all, if you love pink or any other colour you don’t want to overwhelm your guests with too much of it!

Blush pink and leopard print wedding colour palette
Blush pink and leopard print wedding colour palette

Essentially, a colour palette used for wedding planning or invitation design gives you range of very similar shades or complimentary colours that will help your special day really stand out. Instead of just choosing white and a main colour you will have a number of shades that work perfectly together.

 Looking beyond your favourite colour for your wedding invitations

You don’t have to have just one shade on your wedding invitations and for many brides this can be a little boring. Let’s use the example of a beach wedding. Instead of using just a single shade, you can use a range of natural tones that will not only look great but will also represent the sand and the surf. You can still have a dominant shade, but you really need some complimentary shades to make it work really well.

Designing your own palette is extremely difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. While you can use colour wheels and other tools to help create a palette it is always best to have someone create it for you. If you are going to use Pocadot to create custom wedding invitations then we can certainly give you a helping hand in figuring out the right colours for your wedding. I will be posting some more about specific colour palettes in the coming weeks sio be sure to check back. Also, if you want the best custom wedding invitations then don’t hesitate to contact me now!

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