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Setting an RSVP Date for your Wedding Invitations

You need to give yourself plenty of time when you are deciding on your RSVP date for your wedding invitations. This can depend a lot on your chosen reception centre. It will also depend on how far people have to travel and the time of the year the wedding is. Before booking your wedding date try and see if there are any big events on at the same time or if it is in a busy season (such as before and after Christmas).

When is the Wedding?

Once you have set your wedding date you can get started on ordering your invitations if you haven’t started the process already. You want to give yourself a good 2-3 months if you can – especially if you want custom invitation designs like ours. This is because you need to send the invitations well before you need guests to RSVP for the event.

ROSE_SET_siteThe earlier that you send the invitations the better chance there is that guests can attend. If you send invites late, then some guests may already have work, holidays or other plans that will stop them from attending.

Guest Numbers

Before you decide an RSVP date, you will have already (hopefully!) created a list of potential guests. Keep in mind the maximum number of people that can attend your wedding due to reception restrictions. Don’t stress if the number of people invited is a little more than what the reception centre can hold. You will find that anywhere from 70-90% of guest will be able to attend.

Giving Yourself Room to Move

Check with your reception centre about when they will need final numbers. Usually, this is in the week or two before your wedding. However, the sooner you can know the exact numbers the sooner you check this off your list and confirm with your reception centre and move on to more important wedding planning.

Make the RSVP at least a month before the wedding and possibly earlier. Don’t be too organised and make it too early because plans can change at the last minute and you will end up with some empty (but paid for) seats!

Forward Planning with your Invites

NAOMI1_siteIt is common practice, and good courtesy, to send out a ‘save the date’ card well ahead of your invitations. You can send these as soon as you want, but probably 3-6 months before the wedding date. This isn’t an RSVP date but it does let people begin to plan and leave that date free for when the main invitations arrive. Save the dates are also a way of saying ‘hey, we’re getting married!’ to your family and friends.

Finalising Numbers with your Venue

Once the RSVP date is set and wedding invitations sent you will start to receive them back in dribs and drabs. Be prepared for the majority to be returned within the last week before the RSVP date! If you haven’t received some RSVPs from people you assumed would come it is a good idea to just touch base with them in case anything was lost in the mail. Once all of your RSVPs are confirmed you can make your final confirmation with your wedding reception venue.

We provide custom wedding invitations for brides in Australia. We are based on the Central Coast in NSW and are happy to work with local brides as well as those throughout Australia. All invitations are designed and made by a professionally qualified and passionate graphic designer.

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