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Having worked with wedding invitations, and other invitations for some time I can understand how hard it is to get such a small thing right. How do you know what you want on an invitation? How much should you spend? Is it worth going all out? It can be difficult to really have an answer to these questions until you start to shop around a bit.

Are DIY Wedding Invitations Cheaper?

Doing all of your wedding invitations yourself may seem like a great way to save money but in the end you will lose precious time. As you get closer and closer to your wedding date time will become more and more rare as your calendar starts to fill up. Also, if you are making your own invitations with little or no experience you will also have to learn a lot of new skills.

So is doing your wedding invitations yourself worth it? It can be if you have some wedding or other invitation design experience. Otherwise you might find that the design you wanted just isn’t turning out on paper the way you imagined it. This is why having a qualified wedding invitation designer can really help.

Checking Out What is Available

If you find a designer to create your wedding cards you will want to show them some examples of what kind of style, colours and materials you will want to use. This way your wedding invitation designer can suggest similar or even better alternatives or more high impact uses of your wedding colours. Remember, this is the announcement of your most special day so you want it done professionally.

You are better off finding a flexible wedding invitation designer that can create what you need as you will find many only create from specific templates to a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Your wedding is special and so it should also be as unique as possible. Be aware of these kind of operators as they are not necessarily bad, but they may be a bit cheaper as they are just mainly the same invitations for everyone with slightly different colours.

Choosing a Graphic Designer

We like to toot our own horn a little when it comes to individual invitation design as our designer is a qualified graphic designer, NOT a hobbyist or arts and craft enthusiast. We highly recommend going with a qualified designer even if you didn’t choose our business because they can give you proper advice on design elements and colour usage, not just use what seems ‘pretty’.

Good luck with choosing your wedding invitations and make sure they reflect you, and your partners personality, hopes and aspirations! Contact us if you would like us to work on your custom wedding invitation idea.

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