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Planning your Engagement Party

The engagement party is your first step on the long road to your wedding and it will not only let you celebrate but also get used to the idea of event planning. While it may be a smaller (and less costly) event than your wedding you will still need to organise a venue, food, engagement […]

Deciding on the Right Number of Wedding Guests

When you are budgeting for your wedding the first thing you need to work out is just how many guests you need or want to invite. The problem with deciding on an exact number is that you won’t know for sure an exact amount of guests until you get your rsvps from your wedding invites, […]

Selecting Colours for your Wedding Invitation

While white dominates most weddings there are always accent colours in use especially for invitation, room decorations, brides maids dresses and flowers. it can be tempting to just select a bunch of different colours that you love, or in the other extreme, feature just one colour that is your favourite. The danger in selecting just […]

Custom Designed Rose Invitations

I have just been updating the site with all of my invitation designs while I work on new samples at the same time and it is great to have them professionally photographed at last. Today I am looking at a rose motif on a custom designed wedding invitation which took some planning and a lot […]

Purple Wedding Place Cards by Pocadot Invitations

Pocadot Invitations Website Upgrades

As you can see I have been busy redesigning the site with a whole new look! I hope you like it as we continue to add more to the site as well as new and exciting products. At the moment we have updated all of our pages to provide more information about our custom wedding […]

Now Taking Wedding Invitation Bookings

Hi everyone! I am now back working and just letting you all know that bookings for wedding invitations are now available again. I have also just received the latest paper sample packs and swatches so you can decide on the best texture and colour for your wedding. I will also be working on new sample […]

Shopping for Your Wedding Invitations

Having worked with wedding invitations, and other invitations for some time I can understand how hard it is to get such a small thing right. How do you know what you want on an invitation? How much should you spend? Is it worth going all out? It can be difficult to really have an answer […]

Making a Christening Special

A child’s baptism, or christening is one that should be filled with moving memories. Planning for the special day is relative easy, though it does take some effort. Your first task will be to call the church to see if they have special days set aside for christenings.  Once you’ve received that information, you can […]

A History of Bonbonieres

  For more than a millennium, almonds were commonly given as wedding gifts (Bonbonieres) to the couple, signifying the good wishes on their new life together. In the thirteenth century the practice of coating almonds in sugar became popular, the new confections were called “confetti”. Over time, confetti has transformed to Jordan almonds, now a […]