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Thank you for all your support during the pandemic

It’s been a crazy few years for Pocadot Invitations, as we know it has been a crazy few years for all of our customers. With Covid-19 affecting everyone’s events there was, of course, less and less need for event announcements and many weddings were, sadly delayed.

However, after every winter comes the spring, so here we are at a brand new website for Pocadot Invitations and already so many excited couples are looking to finally get their big (DELAYED) day underway! So I thought now would be a good time to thank the customers who have helped us get through this pandemic.

If you’re following our socials, then you would have seen we’ve also announced our second little baby Gabriel. He’s just adorable but because he’s new to the world he does take up more time.

So if you haven’t noticed yet, we have made the full transition over the covid pandemic to a complete eCommerce platform. We are still producing beautiful wedding invitations and stationery, but we are not, unfortunately, going to be continuing with our custom-designed services.

This was a big decision to make after so many years in the industry, but the pandemic has really helped us focus on adding to our ready-to-order collection – which still includes all of our wedding signs and table stationery.

You can of course still customise your wedding invite text and details with our online store orders – and we still do envelope printing (just contact us) and give the option of printing guest names on the invites.

So we are really looking forward to working with so many of you over the next few months and into 2022.

P.S If you are trying to get an order in before Christmas order soon! Shipping will start to be delayed now with Christmas so close! All the best to all of you and I hope you are enjoying a lockdown free existence!

The Halliday Family

Rachelyn, Kevin, Ally and Baby Gabriel

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