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The 5 Sweetest Proposal Stories

Who knew there were so many real life Romeos around! These proposal stories are sure to melt you on a cold winter’s night. Grab a hot cup of tea and soak in all the love.

1. Magical Marriage Proposal

“My heart was beating fast with excitement and my hands were shaking…I can’t wait to marry this man!!!!!!” – by the bride to be

Creative Consulting and Video by Clever Proposal

2. Garden Surprise Proposal

“…So, with my eyes glued to the map, I walked down the path only to look up at my now-fiance at the end of the path!” – by the bride to be

Video by Russell Holliday

3. Childhood Sweetheart Proposal

“The amount of time he put into this proposal is still unbelievable to me … I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him!” – bride to be

Music by Matty Mac
Video Directed/Edited/Produced by Domenick Cucinotta
Special thanks to Michael Lucas and Jaunted Productions

4. A very sweet sailing proposal

“…We choose to believe that God had something to do with it… I proposed to the love of my life on a sailboat in Long Beach, California” – groom to be

Video by:  The groom to be

5. Incredibly Romantic Marriage Proposal

He wrote to her throughout their dating relationship without her knowing and he gave it to her at the proposal…he promises to continue to write to her, as they grow old…

Video by R. Scott Media

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