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The info you need on your wedding invites

When you are creating your wedding invites it can be easy to forget important information. Likewise, it can sometimes be easy for couples to want to add too much information to their wedding invites. So what is the happy medium and where can you put additional info that won’t fit on your invites?

Here at Pocadot all of our wedding invitations are available in multiple cards. These are usually a set amount of information: the main card (for the most important info), an RSVP card, and an additional information card usually used for wishing well/gifts or directions and accommodation.

If you are trying to fit more details we can always add an extra card (or more!) – just get in touch with us.

We look at some of the essential and non-essential information to include on your wedding invites.

Essential Information on your invites

Your wedding date

This might seem obvious, but until you have an exact date for your ceremony and have your reception all booked, your wedding invite info will not be complete.

Time & location of your wedding ceremony

This information is usually on your main invite card, or in a prominent part of your invite. The time and location of your ceremony will usually always be different to that of your reception. For example, your ceremony is in a church and you have booked another venue for the reception.

Time & location of your wedding reception

The wedding reception naturally follows your ceremony, and you will want it clear on your invites where you will be having them. Quite often couples will also add information about getting to the reception from the ceremony (for example, buses are provided).

Non-essential but important information

You can keep your invites as simple as possible, either for looks or for a budget. If you are going to opt for a single card wedding invite you probably won’t have much room for additional information. However, on multiple card invites you should be able to fit everything on an extra 1-2 cards (plus your main wedding invitation).

Gift Information

With modern weddings increasingly leaning towards “wishing well” style gifts of cash, it has become important to tell your guests how they can congratulate you on your nuptials. A gift information card is also very useful if you have something like a wedding gift registry – you can add all the necessary information on your additional wedding invite cards.

Dress Code

This isn’t essential for every wedding, as certain attire such as suit and ties can be assumed for most weddings. This is useful if you’re doing anything differently – for example having a relaxed casual style wedding or having a particular theme.

Music Requests

Music requests are a fun way to get guests involved in your wedding from the start. AND they also help you save time putting together playlists for the DJ/band.


If you are having a destination wedding or your venue also has other activities on then it might also be helpful to include an itinerary for the wedding.

If you have any further questions about our wedding invitations please visit our FAQ via the menu. Good luck with your wedding planning!