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{TOP Tips} When Choosing your suppliers

A happily engaged couple + A great team of suppliers = A beautiful carefree wedding that flows smoothly and many moments to be cherished for a very long time.

Here are TOP Tips on Choosing the Best Suppliers for your wedding (from a fairly “newly wed” with 1 year as a wedding professional and 2 years of married life since the BIG day)

In no order whatsover:

– Are they locals, or will you have to jump in the car for a roadtrip/overseas holiday just to meet them.

Depending on the supplier, if they are a photographer this would incur an extra cost. However, if its your wedding stationeer, then its just postage no big dramas.

– Read the feedback (check to see if they are real people)

See how they deal with their current and past brides. If they are genuine or just out to make money.

– Reliability and Accreditation/Qualification

They must be qualified in the industry they work in. If they are a photographer, they should have a Diploma/Degree in Photography under their belt. The same goes to wedding stationeers, don’t just pick any hobbyist or scrapbook genius. This is your wedding, and you deserve someone with at least a Diploma/Degree in Design to be able to give you the best service and options other than sticking lace to a card.

They should also promptly respond to any emails and enquiries within 24 hours. Otherwise, how can you rely on them when there is a last minute/urgent change if they are uncontactable or slow to respond.

– Package inclusions and pricing

Don’t just focus on the price. Compare what is included and the quality as well.

– Cancellations/Returns policy

Check their cancellation and returns policy, just in case something unforseen happens that way you know what is refundable and what isn’t.

– View past work/Samples

One of the most important things to do. Request a sample and check the quality OR make an appointment and view their collection to see if you are happy with their skills and service.

– Are they up-to-date with the latest in their industry?

A wedding supplier is like any professional. They need to keep up to date with the latest trends in equipment and materials. Its no point booking a vendor that still uses the old methods/equipment or hasn’t got a clue about the latest trends in weddings. That limits your options to “what was”and not what is currently on trend.

– Get personal recommendations from family/friends that have been married recently

Ask your family and friends that have recently been married, who they would recommend as a supplier and what stood out for them in terms of service and quality. If that doesn’t suit you, then do your own research on their competition and check them out.

– Are they easy to get along with?

Its so important that you are able to get along with your wedding suppliers easily in a professional and personal level. It makes it so much easier to deal with them and understand their requirements. You might even make a new friend in the process and that’s a win win! (or score special discounts just for being an awesome bride to deal with)


Thanks for reading this short blurb. Love Rachelyn xox



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