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A picture of wedding invitations being assembled by Pocadot Invitations

Wedding Invitation – Carissa

I was extremely excited when one of my close friends, whom I used to work with got engaged in Bali and chose me to do her wedding invitations for her Sydney wedding. From our 3 years of friendship, I could safely assume that she was the kind of girl who loves an extravagant affair with lots of class and bling! She’s also a graphic designer herself, a very talented one that is, so it made it a challenge for me to come up with something that would not just make her happy but hopefully blow her socks off.

We started off with a colour palette and Pinterest was our best friend (and worst enemy at times).


After about a month and a half of sharing ideas and lots of phone calls, we started coming up with the design and getting into the finer details of the wedding day. Carissa loves pink and she teamed it with gold accents for a bright, classy and sophisticated look. For her invitation, we chose a gold foil printing effect for their names, with a gold stretch cord and tag to incorporate the gold into the design. Once the invites were printed, I covered all the edges of the cards with gold shimmer for the finishing touch and assembled them together.


Carissa was very happy with the results and had this to say about her experience and invitations:

“Love the invite!! Thanks for all your hardwork! I was extremely pleased with Rachelyn. She’s very patient and understood what I wanted even with all the mind changes we have had. Extremely happy with Pocadot 🙂 ”

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