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When do I send out invites?

Deciding when to send out invites is probably a mystery to you if you’re in the depths of wedding planning. But, don’t despair, we’ve put this super simple list together so you can look amazingly organised! Here at Pocadot, we also prompt our couples quite regularly when they need to get something done or send something out.

FYI: All images shown here are our own, so if you see something you love just get in touch!

We do notice sometimes that couples underestimate the time needed to actually create their dream wedding invitations, so check this list and see if you need to catch up on anything! We’ve included everything from way before your special day, right through to post wedding.

Save the Date Cards

Order and send out 9-12 months before the wedding date

Also keep in mind if you are having a destination wedding that the more time you give guests to organise time off work, transport and accommodation the better. The idea of the save the date cards is to give plenty of notice, even if your event is local. Remember, most of you will have family and friends that are interstate or overseas.

Wedding Invitations

Order: 4- 6 months before the wedding

Send out: 2 months before the wedding date

Again, keep in mind of the type of event you are having and where your family and friends are located. This is where the save the date card and the family grapevine can come in handy. Make sure that people who will have to travel a long way have a good amount of notice. We recommend ordering your invites 4-6 months ahead of your wedding date as we produce mostly custom designs, and design, sending out sample invites to you, and creating your perfect invites should never be rushed.

If you’re unsure about your wedding invites just say hello to me here at Pocadot and we’ll help you out!

Day of Stationery (For your ceremony and reception)

Order: 1 month before wedding date

As with most wedding stationery you can certainly order your seating charts and other day of wedding items earlier than one month before the date. However, a month will give us plenty of time to design, print and put everything together for your special day. Remember that you may not have your complete guest list until around a month before the wedding, so making a correct seating chart can be difficult, and you may not know exactly who to put on name cards.

You will also need to know your reception menu if you want that on the tables.

Thank You Cards

Order: After the wedding

Send out: 1-2 months after wedding

It’s easy to forget about all of the wonderful guests at your wedding when you’ve been relaxing on your honeymoon and basking in newlywed life. But, don’t dissapoint your friends and family, and make sure you acknowledge and thank everyone. Most couples opt for a thank you card with a little space (like a postcard) to write a little-personalised message. This is where having a clear list of gifts and other information is also helpful.

If you really want a stress free wedding stationery process just get in touch with us today and we’ll help keep you on track!

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